Thursday, June 4, 2009

Parking rates

A .pdf file showing the parking rates for UAF as well as for UAA and Washington State can be found here. The rates will be discussed at the 6/4 parking committee meeting.


  1. I work nights when there is no to very few cars in the lot, yet I still have to buy a decal to park here. How obsurd.

  2. I have to park on the side of the road with NO plug in for winter or I have to park far away and walk to my car at -40 below. I think $220 a year to park and work at the UAF is outrageous! I think that all universities should provide parking for their staff and students. Lets make it easier for everyone to be on campus and moreover at UAF due to cold weather conditions. Only someone in the lower 48 would design the kind of parking UAF has. Only someone in the lower 48 would take out parking and put in empty lawns that are very rarely used! UAF need to be realitic to the parking needs of everyone on campus at -40 below.

  3. The local governments request that people plug in their vehicles (+20) so that the air quality is not adversely effected. Yet on the UAF campus dozens of vehicles can not be plugged in due to lack of electrical connections (across the street from the Patty Center) and many of these vehicles are left running.

    If UAF is concerned about the environment and the carbon footprint, seems this issue should be addressed by the Parking Committee rather than if a bicycle is abandoned.