Friday, April 3, 2009


Welcome to the blog for the UAF Parking Advisory Committee. This blog was developed to serve as a communication tool between the committee and UAF faculty, staff, students and Fairbanks community members. We'll post meeting minutes here as well as announce upcoming meetings, and provide various parking/transportation related topics for people to comment on. Please visit the site on a regular basis, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at

Scott McCrea
Chair, UAF Parking Advisory Committee

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  1. These comments were emailed to the address on the survery, but just in case they get lost, here they are again:
    Your parking survey missed a few questions.
    You forgot to ask the following:

    ------------------ Suggested parking survey questions to add---------------------

    1. Are you residing on campus? (If you answered yes, please answer questions 2 – 4.)
    a. Yes
    b. No

    2. Have you ever declined to take a class on campus because you didn’t want to deal with the parking issues?
    a. Yes (If you answered yes, please explain)
    b. No

    3. Have you ever lost confidence in the University system because so many smart people can’t seem to solve such a simple problem like creating more parking?
    a. No, the UAF parking planners can do no wrong. I love being threatened with tickets, excessive fines and trying to figure out the inadequate signage in the parking lots. And I really love the fact that I have to pay for 30 minutes at a time on the metered spots, even if I’m only in there for 10 minutes.
    b. Yes, how can I trust these people to teach me anything if they can’t solve a simple issue like the parking problem.

    4. What is your age group
    a. 17-21, Young, innocent clueless student right out of High School and into college. Think I know more than I really do, likely live on campus and don’t really deal with the day to day parking thing. Will function like a moderately obedient sheep and do what I’m told regarding parking.
    b. 22-26, Still young, but more independent and now living off campus as a graduate student. Parking is now a concern, but I’ve wasted way too much money on my Undergraduate education and now need to suck it up.
    c. 27-80, Out in the world. May or may not own a business. Would like to take some classes as I have some flexibility in my schedule, but can’t afford to waste time dealing with the parking headaches, especially in the winter.

    ------------------ End of suggested parking survey questions to add---------------------

    Well, as you can see, I don’t have a lot of confidence in the University system regarding parking issues.
    I have owned multiple businesses over the years, and have definitely not taken classes on the hill because of this issue. Once, many years ago, I inquired about classes and was told I could park in that lot down by Farmers Loop and take the shuttle to the main campus.
    Ridiculous and insulting. My time is more valuable than that.

    I challenge you run the above questions in the Newsminer and do your online survey with them included. Maybe when the shock of the backlash from the community subsides, UAF will finally take this issue seriously. (There are a lot more of us out there then you think. You really need to direct this survey to the community at large.)

    Email me at if you’d like to discuss this further.